4 free tools (+1) to check how your website looks like from different countries

1.GeoPeeker is precisely meant to view a site from different geographic locations.
Nice design. Provides screenshots for free from Singapore, Brazil, Ireland, Australia and two US States (Virginia & California).


2.Shotsherpa was built during the True North PHP 2014 Hackathon. It provides 8 screenshots from 8 random cities from a 200+ list. Quite impressive.


Note: Be careful on how your website localization works. None of this tools take into account the default browser language in the location.

3.Locabrowser offers web browsing from multiple locations.
Techy design. Provides browsing (not only screenshots) from 15 diferents countries. Great potential but buggy.


4.Change IP country provides (I guess) access to your websites via webproxies from 32 different countries. Maybe I’m wrong, but it really looks unsafe! (archive.org design doesn’t help). I was in the end redirected to http://eproxy.eu/index.php. Forget about it.


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